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Slow West (film)

I'm unsure what genre this film would be: it is sweet and dreamy yet contains emotional turmoil and tragedy with a splash of absurdist humour. It could be best described as "philosophical-action". It is set in the wild west days of northern America where the western frontier was abound with lawlessness and life was cheap. The main protagonist is a thin, pale Scottish lad, Jay, with large blue eyes. He has arrived in America and is heading westward in search of his lost love Rose Ross. Rose and her father John were falsely accused of murder and fled Scotland. As per the American dream, they came to start a new life somewhere on the frontier. Jay is a romantic pacifist without a single violent bone in his body. He looks at the stars, ponders about the natives on the moon and recites poetry. He doesn't know how to shoot a gun nor has the gumption to use it; he is completely hopeless out in the wild. Jay meets Silas (the lone ranger) by happenstance and the two make a dea