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Natural Born Killers (film)

Natural Born Killers does not make any pretence at subtlety. From the very beginning it screams out at the audience and doesn’t relent until the end. It is a message sent to the viewer in a whirlwind of colours and violence. The main characters are Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory (Juliette Lewis). They start by running away after murdering Mallory’s parents and eventually go on a murder spree across the United States. The most overt theme throughout the movie is the role the media plays in our lives. We are shown in an exaggerated fashion how excessively violent behavior is normalized by the media. The most intense and horrific example of this is when the female lead Mallory is seen to be sexually abused by her father, but the scene plays out in the style of a sitcom. This doesn’t happen in real life though, so what is the point the movie is making? Maybe it is symbolic of what was happening in the victim’s mind or it shows how something so disgusting can be packaged in a differ