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Nightcrawler (film)

Each time where the boundary has been crossed on our screen, we give up that much of our own dignity and privacy as a society. As the ubiquitous Marshall McLuhan saying goes "Medium is the message". While the original theory behind the saying applies on the one hand to the legitimacy that is taken on by Bloom's amateur videos in the news medium, in our world, it takes on new application.  We live in the medium where audience can download or click on images created by the likes of Bloom. Each time we click on it, tweet it, Like it, share it or plain old down load it, it sends a message back to the creator that the new line they crossed is accepted or condoned by the audience: something that McLuhan may not have foreseen. I think every generation has their version of a psycho. Mr. Bates, a Freudian child with mother issues tormented by his sexual desires; Mr. Bateman, a Wall St. financier drenched in ambition and greed; or Mr. Foster, a middle aged man with his su

Rectify (Sundance series)

Rectify has all the hallmarks of TV shows I tend to fall in love with; interesting and complex characters, beautiful visuals and great music. The central protagonist Daniel was imprisoned into solitary confinement on death row 20 years ago as a teenager. Now, a grown man in his mid-30s, Daniel has been released from prison based on a new piece of evidence enabled by improvements in DNA technology. Despite these premises, Rectify spends little time on criminal justice issues. More pertinent to the series is the question of how to live while navigating through the various hostilities one faces and society’s demand for blame that manifests as retribution or punishment. While it may provide comfort and clarity to have people made responsible for their actions, to what extent does that help the community? After spending decades in solitary confinement, Daniel is awkward communicating with his family and having physical interactions. Seasons 1 and 2 follows Daniel adjusting to life b