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Gates of Heaven (documentary film)

If you have yet to see this film, you may think the title is rather grandiose in light of its subject; the pet cemetery business. But for some, 'gates of heaven' is a misnomer without their beloved pets beyond the gates. Regardless, the film certainly goes beyond mere logistics of pet disposal and into the meaning and value we attribute to things and how they shape our lives. The film starts off with an interview with Floyd "Mac" MacClure; he is a man on a mission to provide a real sanctuary for the pets that fulfil human lives by being loved and loving in return. He speaks with zeal and conviction. There is something dogmatic about it; it is not an animal rights argument rather it is a Christian argument: God sent us pets to be loved and to love us therefore we should give them a respectful burial. Mac's view is contrasted by an interview with the owner of the local rendering plant; what Mac perceives as the devil's work, is actually performed by a really

Knight of Cups (film)

Knight of Cups (Directed by Terrence Malick)/2015 A wise man once tweeted “I think criticizing Malick’s storytelling is like complaining that his gloves don’t fit our feet”. While I’m certainly not complaining, I did struggle yet again with Malick’s 8th feature film Knight of Cups; my 6th Terrence Malick film. I feel that I am getting closer to understanding his sometimes maligned path to I-don’t-know-where; particularly when I reflect back on my first encounter with Malick via The Tree of Life. The main story in Knight of Cups is about the life and love of a Hollywood screenwriter Rick, acted by Christian Bale. Despite the appearance of wealth and success, Rick seems lost. His work isn’t turning out that well, and he seems to be drifting from one woman to another. The women seem to have some hope and expectations about their relationship with Rick. However for Rick, as viewers, it all appears a haze: a dreamy sequence from one to the next without purpose or direction. W